20 July 2013

Kiki Tay's LED Costume (Part 2)

18th July, I debuted my LED Jacket (again) at the Singapore Science Centre!


This event was part of the Press/Media conference for the upcoming Singapore Science Festival and I was the only one representing the Singapore Mini Maker Faire, happening on the 27th & 28th July 2013. I will be showcasing all my creations in a 7sq meters booth! Do come and support! See some of my creations I'll be showcasing here or visit the Singapore Mini Maker Faire Website!

Doing last minute checks and fixes!

Showing it off to the CEO of the Singapore Science Centre!

Everything ready! Good to go!
 (This is a Facebook "Like" icon that I painstakingly drawn myself, pixel by pixel.. Along with many other effects!)

The actual press conference..

Showing it off to the press and media!

If you're curious about this "Robot" that I was controlling, this is a "Show Bot" that I created for use in my show. Find out more about it from my blog post here. Or watch it (early prototype) being used in my show here.

If you're as obsessed with LEDs as I am, or would like to create your own LED costumes or effects, here's a good place to start --> www.LEDmagician.com

The "LED Magician" is a circuit board that I created for newbies or professionals to easily create running light patterns. You simply supply it with a power source and it outputs the same power to 12 channels, with up to 32 selectable sequences and 8 variable speeds! Find out more from my website above, or read more about the creation from my blog post here.

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With love,
   - Kiki Tay

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