16 December 2012

My New Project - Building a Hexacopter!

My HexaCopter!!

I started on this project since I found out that it can be controlled by an Arduino! I've been obsessed with the Arduino for quite some time now, and this is the perfect project to bring it to a new height!(Literally!)

Check out this video! My first outdoor flight test!

This project uses an Arduino board "MultiWii Pro" Find out about MultiWii here
This was really a crash-course for me, from researching to buying the parts, building and programming it, all took less than a hundred hours!

That was the building part, learning how to control it is another is another science by itself. I started out with this mini quadcopter from RC Logger, using it to learn flying before I move on to crash my Hexacopter...

Mounted a mini camera on it, flying these are fun! Isn't this cute?

Now back to my Hexacopter!

HexaCopter(6 blades) running on MultiWii code with 3-Axis Gyro, Accelerometer, Barometer (senses height), Magnetometer (senses direction), GPS with altitude hold, position lock, waypoint missions and "Return-To-Home"(RTH) function.

All it means is that it balances itself and knows where it is on the global map using the onboard "Global Positioning System"(GPS), allowing it to navigate itself out or return home without much user input.

I'm experimenting it with codes outside of the MultiWii, so I have 2 flight controller on board. In case my codes doesn't work, I can switch to the second one (KK Flight Controller) and still flies it!

I haven't mount it yet, but I also got myself a 1000mW video transmitter so that I can fly "First-Person-View (FPV)! With a video goggle, you can feel as though you are onboard the aircraft!

If you're interested in the Arduino, wanting to get started or just curious about what an Arduino is, join this forum! It's a Singapore based Arduino community! Or just "like" this Facebook page!

Till later...
With love,
  - Kiki Tay
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