07 June 2011

Harry's Talk at NTU!

4th June 2011, Harry invited me to sit-in for one of his talk in NTU (Nanyang Technological University)

Harry gave an extremely insightful workshop to a group of students currently in the "Ideas Inc Business Challenge" organized by NTU.

Harry is my good friend, "brother", mentor, idol and recently, my business partner. Through the years Harry has given me so much advises and guidance that had led me to where I am today... I owe so much of my success to him! :-)

The Elevator Pitch & Networking Coaching Seminar by Mr. Harry Foo

Aside from being a professional show-host, entrepreneur and running several successful businesses, Harry had also successfully pitched multi-million dollar deals to venture capitalists in the U.S.
Each of the venture capitalists that he had pitched to, holds an average of $100 million in investment portfolios!

Harry had also won the "Seattle Business Plan Competition" held in USA, topping the competition with a prize money of $15,000.00!

Who else is in a better position to conduct this seminar!

How do you take an "aerial" photo like this? Or a nice wide-angle self-shot picture like the one below?

While in U.S. Harry received mentorship from some of the most successful people in the world! Including Prof Kim Yongmin, who invented "Ultrascan" and Mr Scott Land, who invented the X-Ray Machines now used in Airports all around the world!

The focus of Harry's talk today is on successfully pitching your ideas to VCs (Venture capitalists),  providing the students with tools and tips to successfully close multi-million-dollar deals!

"Paying attention" and pretending to be in "deep thoughts" for the camera!

This is Harry's AWARD WINNING presentation that gained the likes of venture capitalists in U.S.! How did he do it? (Hint: Some magic were involved in the presentation!) (Hint again: Idea of magic came from someone you know! ;-) )

I learnt a lot from this insightful seminar, and Harry had really selflessly shared everything he could! I think everybody walked out impressed and equipped with skills to handle some of the toughest situations!

A standing ovation from me to Harry! Looking forward to his next talk!

Thank you Harry, for the amazing experience!

With love,

- Kiki Tay

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