25 August 2010

Dinner @ Jia Hong's Restaurant!

Jia Hong treated us to dinner at his dad's restaurant at Seah Street

Jia Hong invited me, Picasso, Chermaine, Dan!
Picasso, by the way, is an extremely amazing guy! He has won many awards in the field of Martial Arts, was a TCS actor, directed many productions and runs several businesses.. But he has yet to buy his own Ferrari (inside joke).. Anyway read more about him at his website! www.pip.sg

Jia Hong's dad dropped by to say hi to us, how nice of him. didn't have a chance to take a picture with him, but he was a very nice man, chatted with us and all.. 
(he drives a Ferrari by the way.. an F430!! no joke! :-O)

I thought the vegetable tasted weird.. then I found out this wasn't what we ordered..
ahhh... this was what we ordered..
This restaurant is famous for its chicken rice! And it was GREAT!
Special sauce fish head!!

One of the BEST chicken rice ever!

And after...

Sin Swee Kee Chicken rice! One of the best chicken rice ever! You've got to come and try it yourself! do drop when you're around! It's located at Seah Street, just beside Raffles Hotel!

When you visit there, just mention that you are Kiki's friend! (not that they knows me or can give you discount or anything but it just helps increase my popularity ;-)

Hope Jia Hong would invite me again! (Hint)

- Kiki Tay

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