28 June 2011

Directing the ASEAN School Games - Rehearsals at Max Pavilion!

Few more days to showtime! We moved into Max Pavilion for our final rehearsals, finally we can put everything together and our performers get their first taste of being under the glamorous lights :-)

New changes to accommodate the performance space.

Here's a series of panoramic pictures taken with my iPhone using the "Autostitch" app and
a "SELF-SHOT Extender"

Panoramic view of Max Pavilion from the back of the hall.

View of the audience from the stage

Dan at his "best", posing for the camera.

Rigging up the fly system and our giant mirror ball.

The control panel that operates the fly system

I love mirror balls and all things that glows. This can be associated with my crazy obsessions with LEDs, lasers & all the other glow-in-the-dark stuff.

Alan, (boss of UnUsUaL Productions) holding up the ball of glimmering lights :-)

Beautiful, isn't it?

Briefing before the run

Xinling, our lead dancer for the item :-)
(pardon the image quality)
"Flying" with the mirror ball

Walking up the "flight of stairs" that lights up with each step.

I made each and every one of these LED platform by hand. While it's fun creating the lights and circuits, duplicating it over and over again isn't really that much of a fun as I came to realize...

As some of you may have realized, almost all of my work usually contain elements of LEDs, Lasers & lots of confetti..
The laser segment in our show uses extremely high powered lasers that are capable of actually burning stuff. Each handheld laser comes with its own key to lock/unlock as part of its safety feature. You'll need special licenses in order to import/own/operate these. Special thanks to my good friends at Glorious Singapore Pte Ltd for going through all the trouble to get us these :-)
The laser effects doesn't really show up well on cameras :-(

Uniting people of ASEAN...

The finale of the opening ceremony. Click on the video to play.

Look out for the delayed telecast of the ASEAN School Game Opening Ceremony
10th July, 7:30pm on Okto Channel!

With love,
 - Kiki Tay

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