28 October 2010

Photoshoot 24th Oct!

What is going on here?!



 What is going on here?!

Here's a hint!

Watch this space for more information!

- Kiki Tay

15 October 2010

Nice Photo!

A friend on Facebook sent me this photo!

Thanks Xianrong!

- Kiki Tay

14 October 2010

Supporting Danny Koh at OMG!

Supporting Danny Koh @ OMG!

I whipped out my LED Board and programmed some fan messages! Go Danny Go!!

Danny Koh's Supporters!!


John Teo & Andrew Kong were there to support Danny as well!

Danny did a great job!!

Danny deserves to win the competition! He worked harder than anybody, putting so much effort to entertain the nation every week!

Go Danny Go!!

- Kiki Tay

The iPad Revolution!

The iPad Revolution!

Xiangzhi, Francis, Ivy & Kiki!

- Kiki Tay (via iPad)

11 October 2010

Kiki Tay's Hero of the day! - Danny Koh!

I'm gonna start something new on my blog.. "Hero of the day!" first up... Danny Koh!

Danny has been a great friend for many years! He has always been an inspiration to me! His hard work and passion for his craft really inspires me! He practices more than anybody and it shows in all of his work! One of the main reason Danny Koh is Kiki Tay's hero, is that despite his extreme talent, Danny is extremely humble! And I really admire people who are talented yet humble :-)

Danny has been helping me so much in my career, he even performed as a guest performer in my production of "Just Kiki Kidding!" back in 2008!

Recently Danny competed on the TV show "One Moment of Glory"and he was FANTASTIC!

Here is a video of Danny's performance on OMG!

... I only have this to say... OMG!!

I helped out with Danny for his next performance on OMG, he really worked very hard for this! check it out in the next episode this wednesday 13th Oct on MediaCorp Channel 5!


- Kiki Tay

08 October 2010

Interesting way to have a meeting!

I had a meeting with Frankie today, discussing some ideas upcoming shows... Where to meet? How about Universal Studios?
It was an interesting place to have a meeting, discussing about stuff while queueing up for attractions!

 We were literally discussing about ideas while strapped in a roller coaster climbing its way up before the drop.. "blah blah blah ideas... oh hang on... AHHHHHH!!!"(roller coaster drops) ... "Ok where were we.. blah blah blah"

We survived "The Revenge of the Mummy" ride!

It's not what you think... I banged into the stationary car.. wasn't looking where I was going..

The Waterworld show! Awesome!

Frankie is an exellent magician & puppeteer! His company, Mascots and Puppets Specialist created some of the most amazing mascots & puppets you've ever seen!

Check out his website here!

- Kiki Tay
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