30 March 2012

Watching Titanic 3D!

Watched Titanic in 3D!

It's great being a blogger! 
As a blogger, I get invitations to many events! The most recent was this; the premier of Titanic 3D! 

While I don't usually attend such events, but this, I simply cannot miss! 
 I loved this movie so much that back when it was first shown theaters in 1997 (Gosh, 15 years ago!), I watched it three times! And just about a week ago, I was mesmerized by the in-depth story of the vessel & voyage at the Titanic exhibition!

Titanic, the exhibition at the ArtScience Museum Marina Bay Sands

The nice folks at omy.sg (blogging community) gave me a pair of invites, so I invited Daisy along. Daisy is huge fan of Titanic! And not just the movie..


So this marks the 4th time I watched Titanic the movie! This isn't the same as the original movie, it was re-made in 3D!

 I'm still extremely fascinated by how they managed to accomplish this. How do you turn a 2D, single-lens recording into a 3D film?

According to a few articles I read online, each frame was manually processed by first determining the depths of each object then applying the 3D effects to it. A whopping 279,000 frames! They spent US$18million and 60 weeks to accomplish this feat! 

I was first skeptical on how good the "effects" will be, but I was pleasantly surprised! The whole 3hr movie was rendered so perfectly that you'll get lost in the world and you simply cannot believe that it was shot on a single-lens camera!

Remember this scene? This is one of the most beautiful scenes in the movie, and watching it in 3D really brings a whole new experience! Just this scene alone made the movie very worth watching!

Titanic 3D opens 4th April in cinemas island-wide!

And the Titanic exhibition is now showing at the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience museum till 29 April 
Both are something you shouldn't miss!

Thank you to all the nice people over at omy.sg for this wonderful experience! :-)

With Love,
  - Kiki Tay

Hong Kong with Albert & Daisy!

Hong Kong, before heading home!

On the way back home, I dropped by Hong Kong to visit my good friend Albert Tam, a highly respected master in the magic community.

Daisy happened to be in Hong Kong as well, she joined us while we all hung out at a restaurant nearby.

The authentic "Yum Cha" experience in Hong Kong!

Cue pictures of food... and.. GO!

Cue saliva... and... DROOL! 

It was nice catching up with Albert again! The last time we met was when Albert brought his family to Singapore for a holiday. We went to universal studios! See my previous blog post!
That's "M" for Magic!

And erm... "W" for.. Woman?

I only had a few hours before I had to fly off from Hong Kong, no chance for any sightseeing :-(
The last time I've been to Hong Kong was for a show at Disneyland! See this blog post

Off to the airport!

Hong Kong international airport

It was a fun trip... 
Taking off from Hong Kong, I was left with this beautiful memory of flying through the clouds during sunset. 

I will be back again...

With Love,
  - Kiki Tay

25 March 2012

Off to to Macau!

A journey to watch a really AWESOME SHOW!!

While on a trip to perform for a show in Shenzhen, I popped by Macau to the catch the show I've always wanted to watch so badly... "The House of Dancing Water"!

I brought my Dad with me, he had worked so very hard all throughout his life, just so his baby(me) could have a bright future... He has taught his son well ;-) 

Flight to Hong Kong!

A few photos later...

I'm HERE!! At "City of Dreams"Macau!

Huge "water tank" with mermaids!

Our hotel!

Nice view from our room! On the left, Venetian!

And of course, the main reason I'm here in the first place..


And the second reason...

Dragon's Treasure!!

Dragon's Treasure is a really AWESOME show! It's hard to describe it in words so here's a video!

But the video doesn't do justice to how awesome the experience is! You have to watch it live!

"The House of Dancing Water" deserves a blog post by itself so I won't go into details! Catch it my next post!

As for now, the rest of Macau!

The majestic Venetian!

Galaxy Casino!

Night view of the Crown Hotel from my room! In case you didn't know my obsession with LEDs... I can't stop staring at all the colorful running lights! >.<

After all the fun, back to Hong Kong to catch my flight back home!

First-Class ferry tickets from Macau to Hong Kong!

To be continued...

With love
- Kiki Tay
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