30 September 2010

A day with Ernesto!

My good friend Ernesto Planas just finished his year-long contract with Resort World Genting, starring in the DAZZLE show! On the way to perform in the prestigious "Le Plus Cabaret Du Monde", Ernesto stopped by Singapore and visited me for a day, and I showed him Singapore!

Picking Ernesto up at the Airport!

Ernesto delivered a priceless gift to me from my dearest friend Sonny Fontana! More about Sonny in my next post!
Kevin James from Las Vegas sent his well wishes! 
Kevin is an excellent magician! Here is a clip of him performing in America's Got Talent, that created a tremendous response on the internet!

A card from Jason Byrne! Can't really make out the words.. >.<

How to see the most of Singapore in a day? It's either the Singapore flyer or Marina Bay Sands.. We chose MBS!

Entry to the Sky Garden includes an audio device, that give information at various points of the "tour"

Ernesto picked up some nice pair of jeans at Emporio Armani!

Went to Sim Lim Square to shop for some electronic gadgets!

With hours left to catch his flight, I brought Ernesto to the Singapore Association of Magician's monthly meeting!

Magicians watching Ernesto's performance on a small screen >.<
Ernesto gave an impromptu lecture, sharing theatrical performing techniques to the magicians!

Off to the airport!
Ernesto's excess baggage weighs over 100kg! Yikes!

His flight was delayed for almost 3 hours, so went for a drink at Crowne Plaza Hotel!

Ernesto introduced me to his homeland's food! Can't remember what it was called.. Some italian desert/snack.. Melon with Pork!
Time to say Goodbye!

Too bad he can only stay for half a day, so many more things I wanted to show him!

To check out some of Ernesto's performances, go to youtube and search for "Ernesto Planas"!

- Kiki Tay

28 September 2010

The Hossan Leong Show!

Watched The Hossan Leong Show today! 

Guang Han designed the lightings! He invited me, so I dragged Ivy along!

I know I'm not suppose to take pictures during the show.. but erm.. my dog ate my homework! (Can't think of a better excuse..)

- Kiki Tay

"Just Kiki Kidding! II" Might not return this year.. :-(

Although after much hard work, blood and swear spent preparing for this show.. but..

"Just Kiki Kidding II" might not return this year, due to many unforeseen circumstances..

 Sorry fans, will keep all of you updated in weeks to come..

In the meantime, look out for a new production coming your way soon!!

- Kiki Tay

26 September 2010

Primary School Gathering!

Had a primary school gathering today! Met up with some of my long looong time classmates/schoolmates!
Had dinner at KIseKI! Then headed off to Elijah's Pub!

It's such an interesting experience to meet with somebody you haven't met for so long.. in my case.. I haven't met some of them for like... more than 12 years! (Yikes! I'm old! >.<)

There are a certain kind of bond that was form even when we were just little kids, that certain kind of trust and friendship, that even after more than 10 years, it still remains.. It is like an instant connection, more than 10 years of separation, yet you still feel like you know that person everyday for over 10 years!

Alumni of Nan Hua Primary School!

I had a great time! Thanks guys! Looking forward to many many more gatherings!

- Kiki Tay
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