28 December 2010

Cinderel-Lah finale performance & behind the scenes!

We celebrated the finale performance of Cinderel-Lah on 11th Decemeber 2010

  Something interesting happened during the final performance of Cinderel-lah. While the audience were seated, waiting for the show to commence, the fly system in the Esplanade theatre suddenly shuts down and refused to move. This caused a 40 minute delay to the start of the show. This wasn’t the first time that we had had problems with the theater's fly system, but it was the first time it had happened during a show.

As the audience waited patiently, director Ivan Heng bravely took to the stage to explained the situation. He informed the audience that due to this technical glitch they were welcomed to an unconditioned refund of their tickets. 

However, what happened next was simply amazing and touched our hearts. None of the audience opted to refund their tickets. Instead, they waited patiently for the show to start! Ivan decided to go out on a limb to give the audience what they wanted. We commenced the show without the fly system. Instead we manually operated those flys that could still move without the automated system. In the middle of the show, the system rebooted and was finally up and running. At the end of the show, we received a standing ovation! It was exactly how a live show should be, or as Ivan would say, “this is theatre". We experienced technical difficulties that were beyond our, or the Esplanade crews’ control, but the audience stood with us, were on our side, cheered us on and warmed our hearts. Needless to say, the entire cast and crew performed one of the best shows ever! What an amazing experience to end the run of Cinderel-lah :-)

The Crab tank!

Hundreds of costumes!

A private meeting near the "toilet"

 The glittering moon that flew during the show
Wildrice's Young and Wild worshipping Jeffrey?!

Ivan explaining the magic required for the scene

The final product!

Notice the weird looking flower in the middle? 

Scooting around backstage!

The "VERY SINFUL BOX" proved to be a big hit backstage!

Flying the moon!

Something spooky was seen flying around the Esplanade theatre!

Is it magic?

No, it's Fairy God Makcik!

Fairy God Makcik was seen flying around as well!

Amazing lighting effects designed by Mac Chan!


-Kiki Tay

Cinderel-Lah's Party!

It has been a busy Decemeber, haven't got the time to blog
Finally uploaded the pictures from Cinderel-lah's post show party on 12th Dec!

Cinderel-lah Party at Glen Goei's house :-)

Sumptuous  buffet spread!

Ivan Heng, Director of the show

Gurmit and his wife
Shinho, the famous korean writer

Yan Bin, the stunt coordinator

Nick, the set designer made us all a card, that pretty much summarized the entire show in a hilariously cute fashion!

It was a fun night! Looking forward to the next production!
Thanks everyone!

-Kiki Tay
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