02 April 2011

Lamborghini Club Party!

John invited me to the Lamborghini club party! It was an incredible eye-opener for me!

More about John and his amazing collections from my previous blogpost here - 

It was held at "CM-PB" at Dempsey Hill !

Look at the number of Lamborghnis parked along the road!

 And that was just along the road! More were spotted at surrounding car parks!

This event increased the land value of the surrounding area by about.. say $30 Million?

John's Lamborghini Club Membership card! 

These are the two cars John owns! A white Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder (Convertible) and a black Lamborghini Murielago LP640 !!

Pictures of me in John's Lamborghini taken from the previous post

Just some of the benefits for Lamborghini club members!

 It was a great gathering with food and drinks and interesting people to network with!
I was quite surprised by the people in the Lamborghini club, contrary to many stereotyping, despite owning a really flashy car, they are a group of really extremely nice, humble and friendly people! 

 The Lamborghini club committee updating members of the upcoming events..

Goodie bag!

A great souvenir! 

A panoramic view of the street lined up with what else.. Lamborghinis! It's a rare opportunity to see so many supercars parked in a single venue!

Click on the pictures for a larger view

Everybody drove their Lamborghinis to the event.. and me?  

I drove this :-( 
 (Hiding behind the bushes)

This was an incredible experience!


With love,

Kiki Tay


  1. OMG!!!!!!!!!! IM A LAMBORGHINI FAN TOO!!! love those pictures man, my favorite one is LP560-4 and LP700-4.

  2. I simply llovee Lamborghini im one of the biggest fan i wish i could own one


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