24 May 2011

Arvind's Surprise Birthday Party!

Arvind's sister organized a surprise birthday party, for my dearest bro and hero Arvind Naidu!

Nicely decorated! :-)

With some pictures of him on the walls! (Arvind's gonna kill me for posting these!)
If I go missing for no apparent reasons, please inform the police, and refer them to this post!

Click to enlarge!

I'll cushion the damages (hopefully) with these pictures, from his hit drama series on Vasantham Central, "Vettai"!

It was a great catching up with old buddies from MDC!

Ben Eio!

Zarinah & Shima!

Dennis & Pam!

Wai Kit!

Arvind thought he was going for a dinner with his family... But..

"Bollywood Walk of Fame" Cake

Arvind feeding his Mom & Dad with cake, how sweet :-)

Shahrin! (with Shima in the background, attempting to "enhance" the picture)

Kavitha from Apsara Asia! I had the opportunity to work together with Kavitha for a few her productions :-)

Arvind, my HERO!

With love,

- Kiki Tay

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