30 June 2010

Arab St with the guys!

Hanging out at Arab street with the guys!

Andrew, Kuang Han, Frankie & Me :-)

- Kiki Tay (via iPhone)

28 June 2010



Songs of the Sea, a permanent attraction in Sentosa, Singapore! It has won the ASEANTA Awards as the BEST ASEAN TOURIST ATTRACTION!

 I had been a big fan of this show since it began, I remember watching it 8 times before I made it a dream to perform as "Lee" in the show! Standing on the rock, singing your heart out while an audience of 2,500 cheers to 31 million-dollars worth of effects going on is an AMAZING experience! Words can't describe this feeling, and it makes every effort worth it!

I love performing in Songs of the Sea, although i have less time to commit to it nowadays, but still, every time i go back, it's a unique and amazing experience!

The guys at Songs of the sea are incredible, everybody working together, having fun.. it feels like a big happy family! It's an honor to work with these talented group of performers :-)

Notice my hair is BLACK during the show... MAGIC!

It's really a much bigger family, but at any point of time, only a cast of 8 (including one swing) performs per night I'll try to feature as many of them as I go along!

Backstage with the guys!

Waiting as the crowd gathers!

Always a full-house! Even on weekdays!

Back in March this year, I was featured in Sentosa's Magazine "SHOWTIME"!

Here is the article!

I love working in Sentosa! Everybody is just so friendly, helpful and kind!

Here is a clip of when i first started performing there, about more than two years back! The show is still pretty much the same! Fireworks twice a night!

Pardon the low quality video, was shot on my lousy videocam back then.. :-P

 If you happen to be in Sentosa anytime, be sure to catch this AMAZING production! Two shows nightly 7:40pm & 8:40pm, rain or shine!

- Kiki Tay

Gym session with Arvind!

Avind Naidu! Vasatham Central's superstar and my dearest dearest bro! Always encouraging, always positive, and always there for me :-)

Arvind has also been my personal trainer for the past two months, our workout has been getting more and more intense and especially so today...!

My dearest Arvind bro!

After an intensive workout, not so built like Arvind yet, but compared to when we first started, I am 8kg lighter and healthier! :-)

We work out at Fitness First @ One George St, have been a member for more than 3 years, but seldom workout (lazy).. till now :-) and often after working out, we chill at the pool.
View from the pool is simply breath-taking!

Arvind has always been my hero! My inspiration! As a performer, he is anytime 100 times more outstanding than anybody who shares the stage! Don't believe me? Search "Arvind Naidu"on YouTube to see for youself!!

Arvind helped me out big time in my first production "Just Kiki Kidding!" He plays the son of "Mrs Naidu" played by Pravin Saivi, also my hero! More on Pravin later... Here a few clips of Arvind & Pravin from "Just Kiki Kidding!"back in 2008!

The Comedy Adventure of Mrs. Naidu! (part 3 of 5) - Written and directed by Kiki Tay

Part 3 of 5 videos on my YouTube Channel! Click on the video to see more!

27 June 2010

Met Derrick & Alfred today!

Met Derrick & Alfred in one of my shows today!

Derrick is an excellent entertainer! He's such a fun and hilarious host, as well as a great party magician!

Alfred is Derrick's brother, and my long time friend! Haven't seen him for so long! He's an excellent excellent magician as well, and a great balloon artist!

Met them at the Tong Seng Produce's 20th Anniversary Party! They are the company that produces "Song He" rice.

We got invited to feast on the buffet spread after the show :-)

This was quite high budget event, the boss of the company is so generous!

Met Welles at the event too! He is a caricaturist who can draw with both hands!

- Kiki Tay (via iPad)

Heart2Heart Campaign


26 June 2010

Shows, shows and shows :-)

Skipped NDP rehearsal today due to a full day of shows.. Anyway our item is in good hands with Chermaine and Jia Hong who are the key people behind our item.. The whole item wouldn't happen without their help! My heroes!!

Jia Hong

Chermaine :-)

Ran 4 shows today :-) met many interesting people!

"H" the juggler! Working hard along orchard road! I remember those days, many many years back when we used to hang out every week at youth park, juggling together! He has improved sooo much while I haven't been practicing for a while hee.. H was busking along Orchard, and I could see him hard at work from where I was performing.. I've always admire buskers, to survive on the street means you really have to be good, and if you can entertain people on the street, you can entertain anybody! The street is the best teacher, where the toughest performers stands! I had a few years busking experience when I first started out.. When vivien encouraged me.. It was a great fun and an amazing experience! I would love to have a go at it again if I've got the time!

Entertaining guests at Sony Style @ Wisma! Despite so many things going on with me right now, my first passion is still performing! Really enjoyed working at Sony Style, everybody there were so nice to me, and the audience are so appreciative!

Met Danny Yeo again during my night shows! Haven't seen him for quite a while!

Joseph Then! Been sharing the stage with him for the past few shows! He is soooo good! Really admires his talent! His ventriloquist show is sooooo original and funny! I had hell of a good time laughing non-stop at his funny antics! Really inspiring! Check out his website here! http://www.themagicavenue.com/

After my last show at Kreta Ayer, I went to visit this little magic store right opposite the stage, run by a nice lady from China!

It was quite interesting when I first stumble upon the shop months ago. She was showing me magic when I suddenly noticed a poster of me, right behind her! She actually printed it out from the net and pasted on her wall! I pointed it out and soon we were laughing at idea of it! Haahaa

Anyway, if you are around Chinatown area, be sure to visit her store with many interesting magic props! It is just along the street beside the "Buddha Tooth Relic Temple"

- Kiki Tay (via iPad)

25 June 2010

Watched Voyage De La Vie again!!

Watched Voyage De La Vie again tonight! This time I was invited by Mimi! Mimi helped me so much in my projects! She was the stage manager for my past two production, "Destination Imagination" and "WAAH! Magic!" She now works as assistant stage manager at Resort World Sentosa.

Kiki & Mimi!

Mimi gave me 4 tickets this time, so I brought my Mom and invited Vivien and Jimmy! And what a coincidence, I met Francis at the show! Francis is a great illusionist himself! He did a great job as my guest performer in my production "Just Kiki Kidding!" two years back :-) here is a photo of him in action!

Francis Ang in action during "Just Kiki Kidding" in 2008

Anyway, Voyage De La Vie is an EXCELLENT EXCELLENT SHOW!! It is a show I can that I can watch a hundred times and still get mesmerized! If you haven't watched it, what are you waiting for!?

Will try to watch it a hundred times... really! (please invite me again!)

- Kiki Tay (via iPad)

Kiki Tay on today's "TODAY" newspaper!

I'm featured on today's "TODAY" newspaper!

See the article below.. (click on the image for a larger view)


- Kiki Tay (via iPad)

The day I followed a dragon to Marina Bay!

3:05am.. I followed a Dragon from Toh Guan Rd to Marina Bay!

Police escort!


Andrew and his team! The heroes behind this fire-breathing dragon! Look out for it in YOG!

24 June 2010


Directed Xiangzhi's show for the RoboCup event in Suntec, with thousands of attendees from around the world!

- Kiki Tay (via iPad)
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