26 September 2011

Harry & Jane - The most beautiful wedding ever!

The Most Beautiful Wedding Ever!

This post has been long overdue, it was dated 3 months back on 17 July. The most beautiful wedding ever!
(Be sure to watch the video at the end of this post!)

Harry and Jane got married in Las Vegas about 6 years ago, on 1st Oct 2005. Today they celebrated with their family and friends :-)

 In case you didn't already know, Harry played an important role in my life. Not only is he a good friend, he is also my "brother," my mentor, my business partner and my idol!! Highly successful in everything he does, selfless in sharing his wisdom, Harry is someone I can "look up" to, and "look for" when I needed help or advise.

A beach wedding at Sentosa Singapore, a place where I am all so familiar with. I perform regularly at the nearby "Songs of the Sea". Click here to see the post!

Harry's main business is in the events industry so he has a lot of expectation to live up to. Check out some of the activities he had planned for his guests! 

Something for the young...
As well as something for the not-so-young..

And of course, close-up magic by someone you might know :-)

A sumptuous buffet spread!

Jane wore a STUNNING dress! An original, designed by Hayden Ng, a renowned local designer. I loved it! It brought out a certain "feel" that is uniquely Jane! (It won't look good on me though) :-P

Thomas came to join us in celebrating this happy occasion :-)

This is the moment...

Shortly after...


Making sure everybody is dressed for the occasion...
It is after all, a beach party...

The Donna Daniels Show!

Charles Wong, one of the BEST "beatboxers" in the WORLD!

Charles and I served our nation in the same company. The SAF Music and Drama Company, the birth place of many talented individuals (including me :-P ) 

I got to watch the show after my performance! I've always been working IN events, seldom do I get to attend one, it sure feels good to be IN the audience for a change! :-)

Wayne was the Emcee for the evening...

 Wayne's got the audience cheering and roaring with laughters all night long! That is guaranteed of course, if you have Wayne as your Emcee :-)

When night falls, this is the moment we had all been waiting for...

This video was captured over the heads of the audience using the help of a SELF-SHOT™EXTENDER!

...The most beautiful wedding ever!

Here's wishing Harry & Jane, a great adventure ahead filled with love, joy and happiness...!

With love, and them some...
 - Kiki Tay

15 September 2011

... I'M BACK!!!

After I went "missing" for so long... I'm finally back!

So many things had happened during this period. Days leading up to July's Magic Carnival, I had so many projects going on at the same time, I spent countless sleepless night trying to work, rework, plan, re-plan so much that I get maybe an average of 4hrs sleep every two days, and two days before Magic Carnival, I didn't sleep at all desperately trying to complete everything and by the time it was showtime, I was a zombie in a hyper-active, auto-pilot mode! During the show, I literally felt like my soul drifted out, hovering above my body and witnessing a hyper-active me doing a show without me consciously controlling it. I guess there is a certain "magic" on stage, that every time even when I'm sick or tired, once on stage, any aches, pains, restlessness all just disappears!

  But all these came with a consequence... Immediately after Magic Carnival, all the aches, pains, lack of rest and everything else started coming back to me. I fell sick, and was so sick that I really thought I was dying... Many symptoms of different illnesses started to show up, but thankfully after lots of scans, tests, checks etc. no serious conditions are found. Despite such an unhealthy lifestyle I had been living, all reports shows that I am still nice and healthy! I was given a second chance to live... Thank God! It's amazing what stress can do you, both mentally and physically. I lost a record 12kg during this period!!

Anyway, after Magic Carnival I had a good rest, spent some time doing some "soul searching" and now I have a different outlook in life. Trying too hard, doing too many things at one time, neglecting many of the truly important people and things in my life. It is time to let go many of my commitments and focus on the important things instead. Life is, really too short to try to do everything hoping that you can be the best in all of them. You might not know what this "new outlook" is but I think it will show in time to come... One thing for now, Magic Carnival won't be returning anytime soon... Thank you everybody who had supported me in this amazing journey, and it really IS, indeed an AMAZING JOURNEY! I am sincerely touched by the people involved in this project, many whom had sacrificed so much to make this possible. I am really, truly, extremely blessed with so many supportive friends that is willing to do so much for me and really had made my life truly amazing... While it is almost impossible to return all the favors, I will try my very best... Here is a BIG THANK YOU to everybody who had, in one way or another, touched my life. Thank you friends, fans and everybody reading this blog...


With so much love, and then some,

- Kiki Tay
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