04 November 2011

Debut of my new laser show!

Last weekend I debuted the show I've been working hard on, a show that combines all my passion of LEDs, Lasers & Electronics...
28th October, the show debuted for two events in one night, 
The SME1 Asia Awards & The RHB Bank's 50th Anniversary Event

This show gave me the opportunity to put all my electronic skills to work, from costume to the "magical" handheld lasers and the remotely activated "laser stars" background you see in the picture, all came from an idea to reality through hours of designing, re-designing, soldering, getting burned, getting electrocuted (many times), and almost getting blind from staring straight into lasers powerful enough to burn concrete! All that said, the show is still far from what I had in mind. Still working on turning some incredible ideas into reality! Look out for it!

Special thanks to all the heroes behind the scenes whom had helped turn this dream into a reality! Everybody at Glorious Singapore, Arthur, Adam, Jason and especially Alan, who dedicated countless hours of his time programming, reprogramming and fine-tuning the laser sequences during his busy work schedule! 

More photos, videos, in-depth look and behind-the-scenes footages coming! Check back soon for more updates!

With love,
  - Kiki Tay
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