30 August 2010

CITISPA Event @ Jurong Point!

Performed at the CITISPA event at Jurong Point last weekend, there was a huge turnout, the crowd was great!

Met Kanny again! She was the host for the event and she did a great job! Kanny has a very interesting and successful blog and she's been giving me some advices on blogging! :-) Check out her blog here! 

Later the day, I performed at the CBMA Singapore's event @ Suntec City, I had a nice huge dressing room to chill! :-)

Backstage with Karen & Guan! Karen was in the movie 881 & 12 Lotus, she is also an amazing singer! And Guan, an excellent excellent Emcee!

29 August 2010

Funny photo..

Ivy posted a picture, imitating a picture of me imitating her

So I took a picture of myself, imitating a picture of her imitating a picture of me imitating her..

She then decided to post a picture of herself imitating me, imitating her, imitating me imitating her..


- Kiki Tay

27 August 2010

Watched Chestnuts in 3D!

I watched chestnuts in 3D yesterday! It didn't require any 3D glasses, yet everything was 3-Dimensional as though they were right in front of me!

I had been a fan of Chestnuts for many years! Chestnuts is a yearly theatre production with lots of comedy spoofs and funny skits! Been looking forward to it every year! And this year, Jonathan and Wenfu invited me! :-)

I brought Denise along!

It came with an official guide to my fun pack! if only it came with a fun pack..

(Picture to come..)

The back of the guide contains a cut-out 3D glasses that you could cut out and wear, no scissors to cut it out? no problem, simply cut out the scissors and use it to cut out the glasses!

The show was held at Jubilee Hall.. Jubilee Hall.. brings back memories.. It was where my first production was held..

Met Frankie at the show!

There were so many hilarious acts I don't know where to begin! You've gotta watch it yourself!

We sat with George Chan!

I know I'm not suppose to take pictures during the show but erm... my dog ate my homework! (Can't think of a better excuse..)

Nightmare on Glee street!

An extremely clever and funny spoof of IP MAN! Laughed so hard I nearly fell off my seat!

Ris Low's sister! Wahahahaa! This was the highlight of the show! With Jonathan's hilarious comedy writing and Judee's clever acting, it brought the house down with laughters!!

Dwayne did an incredible job!

The man behind the show! Jonathan Lim!

It was an incredible and EXTREMELY HILARIOUS show!! It is still showing till 4th September 2010! If you haven't watched the show GET YOUR TICKETS NOW!! Tickets are available at SISTIC

Thank you Jonathan, Wenfu, for such an incredibly FUN time!

- Kiki Tay

26 August 2010

Singapore Association of Magician's Annual Dinner!

Attended our Singapore Association of Magicians' Annual dinner @ the famous Roland Restaurant! A night of shows, entertainment and good food! 
Exciting performances by magicians Roger Lim, Andrew Kong, Edward Ooi, Iron Will, Jeremy Pei, Jeremy Tan, Mystifying Imran, Jeff Leong, Pambudi & Joe Yu !
Roger charming us with his new comedy act!
My hero, Danny Koh!

SAM's 37th Anniversary cake cutting ceremony!

Click on the video to play!

John Teo, president of our association. John has been very supportive of me for the past years.. ;-) extremely nice guy and an EXTREMELY successful businessman! (He has an incredible collection of cars! Lamborghini, a Ferrari, and a few others! :-O )

My good friend Jeff Leong, an excellent magician from Malaysia! Entertaining us with such flair and incredible showmanship!

Met Wendy at the event!

 Imran's son Irfan! Or I would often call "Mystifying Baby!" I was there when he was born.. well, not literally THERE when he was born.. maybe a day after.. haahaa.. He has grown up so much! Already beginning to have the flair of a magician!

Everybody wants to take a picture with him!

Iron Will did an incredible and highly entertaining escape act! I still remember this funny line he said.. "I can escape from ANYTHING! ..... except form N.S..." Haahaahaa!

Nique Tan! My long time buddy whom I haven't hanged out with for soooo long! Nique is considered as one of the top close-up magician in Singapore! he's also an excellent singer and performer, now excelling in Mentalism! (It's the ability to read minds.. not a mental condition..)

I thought one of my picture, when i had a new haircut.. looked a little like him.. what do you think?

Great minds think alike.. and in fashion sense..

Pambudi from Indonesia! I missed him so much! He was away from Singapore for many year, finally back for good! Love his performances and his sense of humor!

Gician Tan, the owner of a chain of shops "Gift-A-Name", which was previously known as "House of Humor".. he created all the little packet magic tricks that we find in stores, and that was how I first started my passion on magic..

If you are a budding magician and would like to excel in magic, Singapore Association of Magician is great place to learn and to fellowship with other awesome magicians! Find out more from our website http://www.singaporemagicians.org/

- Kiki Tay

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