09 April 2011

VIP Invites to the inaugural Singapore Yacht Show!

Today, my dearest hero John brought me to the first ever Singapore Yacht Show!

The invitation!

The show was held at One Degree 15, a place that I often perform at. This is the first time I'm there as a guest, and I get to check out all the amazing Yachts! 

Mega Yacht makers and enthusiasts under one roof!

Many incredible Mega-yacht models are showcased here!

Incredible yachts powered by incredible performance engines!

I spent a long time checking this one out! From Palmer Johnson.

There's even a helicopter landing pad on this mega yacht! That's it! This is the one that goes under my wish list!

Off to the docks! Click on this panoramic picture for a larger view!

John is a potential buyer.. and I'm the potential cleaner on board.. I have to check it inside out to understand the areas that needs cleaning..

Nothing but luxuries on board.. 

 The guest room..

The stateroom

There's even a Jacuzzi! 

Having a "test-drive" of my future machine!

It was a truly amazing experience! Thank you John!!

With love,

Kiki Tay

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  1. Nice Pictures ... The Yacht is astouning ...Wow...Support for you...
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