20 November 2012

Kiki's Robotic Table Project v3.5

My Robotic Table Version 3.5
This is a blogpost to share with the electronics/robotics community. If you are curious, read on!

This project of mine had gone a long way with several builds and rebuilds. Now it's at version 3.5!
Check out the video!

Attracting attention wherever it goes!

I'm using a new modular system as supporting frames. The extra weight requires more power so I decided to make this new version an 8-wheel system. 

Servo system that drives the door sequence!

Final prototype!

The entire project requires heavy current, so I used a 2650mAh 3S 30C Lipo battery with a 8A UBEC as a power regulator.

Prototype Prototype!!

Looks better with skirting! This is just temporary, my next upgrade should make it look a whole lot better!

Version 4 is going to be exciting! I'm adding a pneumatic system, Arduino programmed LEDs as well as a smoke delivery system! Watch out for it!

With love,
  - Kiki Tay

07 November 2012

The Debut of THE EFX SHOW 4.0!

Last weekend 3rd November, I debuted my new act!


Over a QUARTER-MILLION DOLLARS in the making!

THE EFX SHOW 4.0 is a stunning visual special effects show bursting with COLOURS!

A multi-media spectacular featuring the latest in technology! 

Hundreds of hours of programming, editing, soldering and rehearsals finally paid off!

 THE EFX SHOW 4.0 Debuted at the Republic Polytechnic's "Grand Magic Show 2012" to an audience of over 700 strong!

This new version of the show includes my brand-new LED act, along with my robotic table, self-moving table with lots of gadgets inside...

Have you seen a WHITE LASER?

An interactive screen on a linear actuator, programmed to compliment the laser effects on the platform.


Laser Manipulation!

For the first time, a MULTI-COLOR LASER system in The EFX Show!

A blinding 9 watt, 500 lumens LED mounted on my costume!

 The show ended with a bang!

A sincere thank to Alan Tham, Arthur Lee, Adam Tan, Daisy Ho, Jason Neo, Jason Loo, Dr. Loke Han Ying, JY Norvin, Wai Hoe, everybody at Glorious (S) Pte Ltd, the crew at Republic Poly Theatre, all the folks at Republic Poly and the audience for making it happen! A heartfelt sincere thanks!

Look out for more updates, behind-the-scenes pictures and videos to come!

With love,
  - Kiki Tay
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